New Preview Items From Hipster Fair and Pomposity!!!!!

blogpostblogpost 3_001 copy


Hey guys hey. I thought I wanted to add more scenic elements in this pic so I made two pics, one to show my little hang out spot with some really cool graffiti and thought it went well with my hipster stuff and one closeup to take a look at my cool shades and jewelry.

I haven’t blogged in forever because I went on vacation, then I got back and got sick, and then I started focusing on my new magazine set to hit issuu in March 2014!! It’s based around all things entertainment including culture, music, and arts, so stay tuned. I am super excited woohoo.


What I’m Wearing:



-Suicide Girls, Pamela Dress (The Hipster Fair)

-Suicide Girls Sock Gift (The Hipster Fair)

-Sky, hipster all colors glasses (The Hipster Fair)

-Pomposity Rampage Gangsta Bracelet

-Pomposity Mouth Chain W/ Gothic Cross

-La Malvada Mujer Escargots tattoo

-7891 1992 earrings & Necklace

-Haut Monde Uproar Boots



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